Founded in 2010, Michan Architecture is a studio based in Mexico City. The practice operates as a laboratory of architecture via built commissions and experimental research, exploring new possibilities within the discipline. We see architecture as a flirtation towards the built environment; a question towards the norm, a speculation of what the future can be.

Our work is situated at the tension between conventional and complex systems in the pursuit of a strange hybridization that deals with the autonomy and various contingencies of each project; such as program, budget and context; not as limitations but rather opportunities to produce an architecture that is uncanny and yet grounded into the world. 

With built work that ranges on a hybrid process between digital and analogue techniques from conceptual to its built stage. We find great resonance exploring emerging technologies and its translation into local craft. Understanding its potential and limitations of each medium. We like to personalize the tool, brake it and use it in an unorthodox but rigorous method to produce and ambiguous work, uncertain of its age. 

The studio is led by Isaac Michan Daniel. He holds a bachelor of architecture from Universidad Iberoamericana with studies in RMIT University and a master of science in architecture from Pratt Institute in New York. He has taught at Universidad Iberoamericana and AA Vising School in Mexico City. The work of the studio has been internationally published and widely exhibit. Recently z53 Social Housing was awarded at Architizer 2015 and World Interior News 2015 nominated the practice among the 9 emerging interior practices of the year. 


Isaac Michan Daniel, Narciso Martinez, Denise Peralta, Omar Acevedo, Alan Eskildsen, Tamara Cortes, Ciria Garcia, Daniela Ruiz